Pure Kona coffee

100 Percent Pure Kona Coffee


Is your Kona Coffee Organic?


The ORGANIC idea focuses simply on YOU getting a product containing no man made chemicals. The SUSTAINABLE idea in agriculture is to farm with minimal impact on nature. Therefore producing a healthier product for you AND the planet. Sounds better, right? We don’t use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on the farm, nor is our coffee fumigated or from genetically manipulated (GMO coffee) plants. The Kona coffee trees have tenacity and don’t need much in the way of chemicals to stay healthy. Our young volcanic soil is naturally fertile and rich in micro nutrients and minerals. The pH of the soil is balanced with interspersed fruit trees and produce beds. Wild turkeys, peacocks, jungle fowl and Kalij pheasents pick bugs and add with their guano important nitrogen to the earth. The pulped remains from the Kona coffee beans kitchen compost, mulch and wood chips of the annually pruned branches are used as compost for the roots. Because one has to replenish what is taken away from the trees by harvesting their fruits! The thin soil has to be protected from eroding: Many ancient rock terraces we repaired, but even more were built bit by bit over the years. Our water sheds need to be free from pollution to protect the bay and reefs below. Weeds have to be whacked or plucked by hand before their seeds develop and spread, or the peskiest ones sprayed with hot water. So, in a nutshell: We grow more than just organic Kona coffee: we grow tasty, sustainable Kona coffee. And that in a way that many more generations can live off this ancient, beautiful land!


Most likely any coffees you ever drank came from ultra-productive, low-waged labor, machine-harvesting and processing coffee farms in other parts of the world. Corruption, child labor, deforestation, illegal pesticide usage are all involved when you see a “bargain” sale on the supermarket shelf. Large companies who trade in coffee make their profits by buying the cheapest beans available, resell, ship, store it for many months to the point where they even have to infuse coffee aromas back into the beans during the roasting process! And you wonder why your stomach rebels against that second cup... Intense hand labor under US wages and protection, applied USDA water and soil conservation methods, choosing only red ripe beans, the unique climate and soil in Kona combined with slow traditional processing methods: All that gives our coffee its greatness. Real, fresh 100% Kona coffee is hard to come by outside of Kona, which is why many coffee drinkers are easily duped. But once you’ve tasted pure Kona coffee, you’ll know the difference! Sadly, companies all over the world mislead customers and profit from the reputation of the Kona fame by mixing few Kona coffee beans with inferior African or South American beans. This combination produces an atypical, cheaper taste, and is commonly referred to as ‘10% Kona Blend’, Kona Style’ or ‘Kona Roast’ coffee. Yet those names mislead folks to get real Kona coffee. The law of Hawai’i stipulates that a bag of pure Kona coffee must have printed on its label the words 100% KONA COFFEE to guarantee its contents. Be assured that our 100% Kona coffee is inspected and certified by the State of Hawaii.

Look out for the Hawaii Seal of Quality

Hawaii’s “Seal of Quality” identifies the cream of the crop of Hawaii’s agricultural producers. Products with this seal are genuine, Hawaii-grown or Hawaii-made premium products; a guarantee that is enforced by the State of Hawaii. Very few agricultural producers passed the stringent requirements so far and ATHENA of HAWAII is proud to be the first and only single estate 100% Kona coffee farm being allowed to carry the prestigious seal.