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We package and ship this pure Kona coffee immediately after roasting to preserve its freshness. The essential flavored oils of coffee are delicate and fade quickly when coming in contact with oxygen, therefore we recommend to always buy whole Hawaiian Kona coffee. We will also include a gorgeously printed free booklet, telling the story of Kona coffee and of ATHENA of HAWAI’I in words and beautifully illustrated pictures.

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The Kona Hawaii Pacific islands makes a memorable impression on everyone. Because each is carefully made by hand, one box may differ slightly from another in size, color or pattern. They are woven out of a fast growing local cane wicker and therefore don’t deplete any natural forests. Not only are they a luxurious way to store your coffee, they make lovely keepsakes and can also be used for display. Includes our free booklet, narrating the story of Kona coffee and of ATHENA of HAWAI’I in words and pictures.


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The Polynesian Kapa Pouch

16 oz for $33.00 FREE SHIPPING!

The ‘kapa’ or 'tapa' craft of the Polynesians is recreated in these collectable bags. Long used by the ancients for wrappings, clothing and paintings the hammered and pressed bark of trees was an essential material for every day life. Nearly extinct as a very impressive craft we were able to get a limited number of these pouches produced, which you would not find anywhere else. The material has an absolute unique feel and touch. And best of all, they are recycable and the trees will not get damaged in the harvesting process. Our gorgeously printed and illustrated storybook is included in the pouch as well.