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August 23rd 2011

This year the ATHENA of HAWAI’I coffee farm celebrates not only a good harvest of their world renowned 100% Kona Coffee from Hawaii. But also the relaunch of its e-commerce website with SEO Samba

This year the ATHENA of HAWAI’I coffee farm celebrates not only a good harvest of their world renowned 100% Kona Coffee from Hawaii. But also the relaunch of its e-commerce website by SEO Samba on a new scalable internet marketing software platform - search engine optimized with more content.


SEO Samba is extremely proud to power ATHENA of HAWAI’I's website as their automated SEO technology is ideal to take a small, yet sophisticated ecommerce business to the next level. Chris Clavel, SEO Samba Sales Director, declared that "Merchants need to evolve from basic and very limited e-commerce packages such as Yahoo Merchant to compete with the big guns in a busy e-market. These websites have to be conceived with a solid SEO strategy in mind. All within a frame work built from the ground up to perform with search engines.“

Indeed, whether you own or manage one or a thousand domains like Franchises, Directories, Affiliates or Vertical Web Designers, SEO Samba SEO software as a service will allow you to disseminate and apply SEO best practices across your entire line of projects and websites within your SEO Samba account.

SEO Samba provides a unique framework for best SEO practices. An interface and a set of integrated automation routines that enables online merchants to scale their SEO efforts with predictable results.

And this is just what Joachim Oster, who’s family owns the ATHENA of HAWAI’I & Blue Horse Kona Coffee estates in Hawaii, USA, was seeking and found in SEO Samba software. "In the tumultuous and ever-more-obscure SEO process, I found in SEO Samba and its staff a professional and caring dedication to my expectations. We already had a very beautiful website before, but the search engines didn’t see it at all. In our SEO company search we had plenty of folks who billed us just tell us what we should do ourselves. But Michel these guys were hands-on at every step of the way and understood exactly what we needed to keep and where we were simply lost in cyber space.”

"We perceived in ATHENA of HAWAI’I coffee a great merchant potential that we have unleashed thanks to our powerful and reactive SEO technology. We paired a thriving small gourmet coffee farm on a remote island with the newest, freshest SEO mojo to become visible.“ continued Michel Leconte, SEO Samba CEO.



About SEO Samba:

SEO Samba is the sole organic search management platform where websites are built to maximize performances with search engines. The SEO Samba platform is also designed to support a network of websites that addresses multiple markets, regions and countries in a scalable and manageable way. The SEO Samba platform is well-suited for small online merchant websites, B2B and B2C corporate websites, but also high performance affiliate marketing, franchise marketing, vertical Web designers, directory marketing, SEO firms, and local SEOs. SEO Samba executes search engine optimization best practices automatically to streamline the marketing copy creation process, and optimize & broadcast your information through an ever increasing number of Internet marketing websites and venues. For more information about SEO Samba, visit www.seosamba.com or contact info@seosamba.com, and in the US: +(1 ) 877.450-9894 or in Europe at +(33) 675637635


About ATHENA of HAWAI’I and Kona Coffee:

The Kona region in Hawaii is known for producing one of the best coffees on earth because of its unique climate, soil and all hand labor.A single estate, family farmed 100% Kona coffee with a strong celebrity following; marketed worldwide exclusively via e-commerce.

Joachim Oster runs his business with his wife and daughter (Athena!). They were awarded the prestigious ‘Seal of Quality’ by the Hawaiian State for their efforts recently.Their web store offers different roasts of extraordinary pure Kona coffee in unique Polynesian handcrafted packaging.  Free shipping within the USA is always offered, and at greatly reduced rates to other countries.

ATHENA of HAWAI’I is situated in Kealakekua (Kona), Hawaii, and can be reached at (+US)1 808 328-1401, and on the web at http://www.athenaofhawaii.com