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Are you a real person?
Absolutely! On our labels and website however, I'll be always about ten years old :-)

Can I order your coffee by phone or by email?

Sure you can. We can be reached at ( US) 808 328-0440. Be aware that there is a time difference from Hawaii to the rest of the world! If you’re calling from...

West Coast/USA: It’s 3 hours earlier in Hawai’i
East Coast/USA: It’s 6 hours earlier in Hawai’i
Europe: It’s 12 hours earlier in Hawai’i
Japan: It’s 7 hours earlier in Hawai’i

If you prefer to send an order via E-mail, please send your request to order@athenaofhawaii.com Please do not attach any credit card information via email. We will reply with payment instructions.



Why can't I find cheap Kona coffee ?

Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, yet no one is getting rich. Grown only on a 20-mile long by 2-mile wide strip on the sloping volcanoes of Hualalai & Mauna Loa, the Hawaiian Kona Gourmet Coffee"> Hawaiian Kona Gourmet Coffee">Kona coffee belt offers the world’s ideal climate and best soil conditions. People are becoming increasingly aware of best coffee beans on earth, it’s also a labor-intensive brand. All of my beans are hand picked, ensuring that only the ripest, plumpest and most flavorful coffee cherries make it into your cup. All of which ensures a unique island experience to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Then of course we offer free shipping within the US and often even internationally (depends on quantities ordered). Be assured: cheap 'Kona' coffee isn't Kona coffee at all!

Do you offer different grades of coffee or decaffeinated coffee?

Our ‘Estate Coffee’ is a mixture of all grades (Extra Fancy, Kona Fancy, Kona Prime), none of them substandard in bean size. We screen out the Peaberry and offer them from time to time and they always sell out quickly. Estate Coffees pronounce their distinct taste through their individual mix of the specifics in the particular farm territory, care of the trees, harvesting procedures, storage, etc. One farm two miles down the road may produce an entirely different aroma & taste! We of course think our plantation has a great tradition of tree cultivation, perfect soil, altitude, watershed, sun exposure and the right slope. Plenty of reasons why ATHENA of HAWAI’I produces one of the best Kona coffee

We don’t offer decaffeinated coffee. Kona coffee would have to be sent to the mainland to go through this process. On the return trip it would have to be fumigated with noxious methyl bromide to kill possible invasive pests. Therefore we don't consider the decaffeinated Kona coffees healthy.

Do you really drink coffee?

I started drinking pure Kona coffee mixed with cocoa when I was seven years old. It helped me to focus better in school and with my homework. I suffered from a slight case of ADD/ADHD, yet my parents did not want to give me prescription pills like some of the other kids in my class. The tasty coffee my mom gave me made all the difference and I was much calmer in class. Sometimes I like it steamy and hot and sometimes cold with ice cubes. I think coffee is just yummy!

Who is doing all the work on the farm?

Actually my dad and mom do most of the work, but during harvest time I like to chip in. I pick cherries after homework and on weekends. We also have helpers that come to pick too. They’ve been with the plantation for many years and know each tree as well as we do.

Is your coffee grown organic?

I was raised on organically grown food, and I know why this is important. We don’t use pesticides or fungicides on the farm, nor is our coffee fumigated or genetically manipulated (GMO coffee). The reason is because Hawai’i is an island far away from other lands – meaning not many crop destroying insects, bacteria and fungi have ever come to our shores. The Kona coffee trees have tenacity and don’t need much in the way of chemicals to stay healthy. Our volcanic soil is naturally fertile and rich in nutrients, but some lime is needed from time to time to balance the soil. The mist from the eruptions brings slightly acidic rain droplets, which also supports the metabolism of the trees. We always utilize the pulped remains from the Kona coffee beans and the chips of the pruned branches as compost for the roots, then we add clean potassium and magnesium to the soil, to replenish what we had taken away from the trees by harvesting their fruits. When it comes to weeds we’d rather pluck by hand before their seeds develop and spread, but sometimes we have to spot spray the peskiest ones. So, in a nutshell: We grow organically where it makes sense and is possible!

Do you ship for free?

Yes, as long as the address is within the mainland USA. This includes all military addresses. For shipments anywhere else in the world please contact us and we will figure out a reduced rate and the best way to send.